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In his childhood in the middle of the last century Harry ( 1943, 's-Hertogenbosch ) did act already. In the firebreak behind the house a stage of boxes was built and for a penny or a marble children from the neighbourhood could come and watch. No wonder that after studying psychology for some years Harry found his destination at the drama college of Utrecht. He was so fascinated by the theater that during the weekends at home with his parents he went on doing everything he did at college during the week. Together with his younger sister he played scenes from Shakespeare's plays, he made radio plays, they improvised together, he taught her Israeli folk dances and so on.

Harry wanted to become a drama teacher but he also wanted to be an actor. He immersed himself in various methods of acting such as Stanislawski, Grotowski and Delsarte. He used his knowledge to his classes, but also to his skill as an actor. During his thirty-year career as a drama teacher he taught at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam and at the Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen. As an actor he participated in the Delsarte theater Company in Amsterdam under the leadership of the American director Niels Miller. He also toured with a one-man-show through The Netherlands with songs of Dutch authors, accompanied by the pianist Dick van der Stoep. At the end of the last century he gave up his career as a drama teacher to start a gallery of contemporary art and tribal art together with his partner Hank, gallery De Buytensael in Arnhem.

But his heart kept pulling him also to the theater. In former years he had discovered he could touch people by singing. The singing of the most beautiful songs from all over the world became his greatest passion. He constantly was searching for a personal interpretation of them.
Here are his musical-literary theatre productions since the beginning of this century: “TOCCATA VAN LIEFDE EN DOOD”( Toccata of love and death ) written by the Dutch author Miriam Guensberg. The author herself read out her story and Harry sang songs in Portuguese, French, Dutch, English and Jiddish. “EL SUR”(The South) a one-man show, a theater concert built around the Argentin tango. Harry sang tangos of Astor Piazzolla and of Carlos Gardel and told a story, written by himself. He was accompanied by an international tango-ensemble, the Cuarteto Rotterdam.

“VERHALEN VAN VER EN DICHTBIJ”( Stories from far and near ) another production, of which Harry himself had written the text and in which he sang songs in various languages. He was accompanied by accordionist Henny Langeveld. “MAMAN MON COEUR”a very personal show, in which Harry told experiences with his mother from his childhood and from later periods of her life, when she led dementia. His stories were interspersed with appropriate poems and songs, which were added more depth by the context. Harry was accompanied by guitarist Jan Graumans. A fragment of Harry's new show “OP DE VLEUGELS VAN DE NACHTWIND”( On the wings of the night wind ) was to hear and see at the at the festival of poetry “HET PARK VERTELT”( The parc tells ) in Oosterbeek. This show consists exclusively of poems and songs in many different languages.

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