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Musical-literary performances since the beginning of this century:

TOCCATA OF LOVE AND DEATH, written by Miriam Guensberg. The author read out her story and Harry sang Dutch, English and Jiddish ballads, fados and chansons.

EL SUR, a theater concert, built around the Argentine tango. Harry was the solo singer and storyteller. He sang tangos by Astor Piazzolla and Carlos Gardel, accompanied by the international tango ensemble Cuarteto Rotterdam. The story of the show Harry wrote himself.

TALES FROM FAR AND NEAR, the next production in which Harry told stories, written by himself. He sang songs in many different languages, accompanied by the well known accordionist Henny Langeveld, who in his childhood had won the coupe mondiale. .

MAMAN MON COEUR, a very personal show in which Harry told about experiences with his mother from his childhood and from the period in which she got dementia.
His stories were interspersed with appropriate poems and impassioned songs which were given extra depth by the context. Harry was accompanied by guitarist Jan Graumans

Harry presented a fragment of his latest show, titled ON THE WINGS OF THE NIGHT WIND, at the festival THE PARK TELLS in Oosterbeek. This show is full of poems by well known Dutch poets and by  many different authors from abroad, all sung and recited by Harry, accompanied again by guitarist Jan Graumans.

In autumn Harry was performing for the first time of his life in France during the opening of the theater season in L'Herberie in Pouancé.
The French public was very enthusiastic about the singer, whom they did not know and about his guitarist as well.

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