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Singer/actor Harry Burg Gulickx and gitarist Jan Graumans present the theatreconcert





A man wanted to talk about love. "No ....! not about love ....!" everyone called. And everyone went away or hit him. And death looked through a window: "About love! Ridiculous!"

These first lines of a poem by Toon Tellegen form the motto of ON THE WINGS OF THE NIGHT WIND. In this theater concert LOVE is the important thing. Nothing more boring than a program only about love, one will say, but love is associated with a variety of topics that make her a fascinating given. If one sings and tells about love one sings and tells also about surrender and tenderness, about passion and desire, about loyalty, affection and friendship, about romance, hope, attraction and admiration, but also about loneliness, despair, contempt, machismo, jealousy , emulation, infidelity, deceit, murder and manslaughter.

Great writers from history like Shakespeare, Jacques Prévert, Federico Garcia Lorca and Fernando Pessoa put on these subjects in their writings, plays and poems, but they also wrote some beautiful lyrics for songs, which generate emotions and compassion and offer consolation. In his theater concert Harry sings some of these songs just as songs by contemporary composers.
He switches effortlessly from chanson to fado, from tango to ballad, from flamenco to blues, accompanied by the versatile guitarist Jan Graumans.




Between the songs Harry tells stories and recites poems, which always are referring to the songs and make a fascinating connection with them. The poems are of wellknown Dutch and Flemish authors, including Hans Lodeizen Lucebert, Vasalis, Paul van Ostaijen and Martinus Nijhoff.

Enjoy beautiful, moving songs, and poignant, funny, interesting and poetic lyrics and virtuoso guitar playing!


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